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I installed Debian Wheezy on my netbook a couple of days ago and forgot to install the Broadcom wifi drivers, while I still had wired access. Now, this morning in the comfort of my bed I wanted to get online from my netbook and realized I have no working wifi on it. Luckily, I happened […]

There is a daring wonder and imaginative outlook that powers the mind of a child, or a childlike mind. There are things in this world that are only visible to children. Things that can only be perceived through the unadulterated, unconditioned, uninhibited eyes of a child. If you cast your mind back to your childhood, […]

Have we met?


When someone you don’t seem to know greets you like they know you… is it awkward to say “I have no clue who you are or why you just said hi. Have we met?” Ever since I moved to Rwanda, I have noticed that a lot of people know me. Many of whom I’m sure […]

I’m old enough (37) to have known what it was like to use snail mail (handwritten pages, envelopes and stamps) as the default mode of personal long-distance communication. It seems archaic now, but I used to love writing/reading sending/receiving letters. There was joy in it for me, to get sheets of paper, find a pen, […]

Mighty Mouse


(Click to for large version) My mouse, the Logitech Trackman Marble. I’ve had this device for two years now and it has vastly improved my pointing device UX. It stays completely out of the way, no pick-up-and-shift-pick-up-and-shift clack-clack-clack, no distracting red laser. Just silent efficiency. I love it. Picture taken with my Nokia N900 using […]

CrunchBang Linux (with the Openbox window manager) comes with a wallpaper browser and setter called nitrogen. I won’t go into any detail of how to use nitrogen, because I feel its menu is straightforward enough for even a beginner to use without any difficulty. Instead, what I want to talk about is how to use […]

I need everything to be just where it’s supposed to be, when I’m working on my CrunchBang netbook. I use the Openbox version and absolutely love it for it’s light weight and high configurability. With any given window manager or any given desktop environment I like to have my daily used apps and windows always […]