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I love Python. These days, I do almost all of my coding in Python, and what little I don’t, I do in Bash. Since I started hosting my python scripts on GitHub I got a bit more conscious about the way my code looks. I pay more attention to descriptive naming and proper commenting, but I […]

As  you might have noticed from my previous post A shorter prompt I have customized both the font size and font family of my Terminator. A great deal of my activities take place in the terminal and I need my fonts to be comfortably visible and pleasing to my eyes. One of the first things […]

Linux users who work in the terminal a lot might often find themselves with overly long bash prompts, the deeper into their directory tree they get. I have this problem a lot and after searching around a bit, I managed to keep my bash prompt nice and short. Here is what it looks like now: […]