How to autohide your tint2 panel


As you can see from the screenshots I’ve posted so far, I use CrunchBang with the Openbox window manager. The panel that comes with CrunchBang+Openbox is known as tint2, which according to the project’s homepage is “a simple panel/taskbar unintrusive and light (memory / cpu / aestetic)”. I love this combination of CrunchBang+Openbox+tint2. The default setting of tint2 in CB is “always on top”. In this post I’ll show you how to autohide your panel. I personally prefer “always on top”, but maybe some of you like your panel to autohide? Only just yesterday, someone in the Statler group on identica asked if anyone knew how to autohide the panel.

In CrunchBang 10, your tint2 configuration file is located in ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc. It is good idea to backup config files before you edit them. I do this all the time, and I’m beginning to need to set something up with git to better manage my vast legion of backup configs. More on that in some other blog post in future.


Open your tint2rc and look for the section labeled PANEL. Should look something like this:




panel_monitor = all

panel_position = bottom

centerpanel_size = 98% 28

panel_margin = 0 0

panel_padding = 7 0

font_shadow = 0

panel_background_id = 0


At the bottom of the PANEL section add the following config snippet:

# Panel Autohide

autohide = 1 
autohide_show_timeout = 0.3 
autohide_hide_timeout = 2 
autohide_height = 2 
strut_policy = follow_size

Save and close the file then reload tint2 with this command:

$ killall -SIGUSR1 tint2

Your panel should now autohide after 2 seconds. That’s the time set in autohide_hide_timeout in your tint2rc.

For a description of the other attributes in the autohide block, check the tint2 wiki.


4 Responses to “How to autohide your tint2 panel”

  1. Thanks – just what I needed. Wiki link is handy too.

    I’ve been using the LXPanel, configured to be very tint2-like, but with autohide. But now I’ll try tweaking tint2.

  2. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

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