Not geeky


I have moved most of my posts to my new website and will no longer update this blog. From now on, I will continue posting at

This convo took place on the Linux Outlaws IRC channel (#linuxoutlaws), and it made me smile.

So, I’m posting it here, as a way of finally starting this blog:

12:03:07 < grelbar> very geeky
12:03:13 < grelbar> configuring solaris zones
12:06:39 < YaManicKill> that is geeky
12:06:47 < YaManicKill> i’m burning ubuntu cds…thats not quite as geeky
12:08:38 < jargon-> no
12:08:42 < jargon-> not quite
12:08:56 < grelbar> no
12:09:05 < grelbar> not by a longshot!

One Response to “Not geeky”

  1. lol !
    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere😉

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